Masts and further Enhancements

The edge-profile of the S16-mast system is a welded rectangular profile. It can be used for smaller cranes and less requirements on free standing heights. This standard product is very light and measures 1.6m from corner to corner. Sections are available in 6m or 12m length.

The „M“-mast system measures corner to corner 1.5m, 2.0m or 2.5m. Its edges come in an H-beam profile, measuring from 140mm to 260mm width. For projects where more free standing height of the crane is needed, this system is the best.

The H-form uses its material properties the best. It gives the most possible surface to transfer the resulting forces and allows extremely high free standing cranes. With adapter frames and adapting mast segments a combination of different mast dimensions is possible. Standard hights for the “M”-type mast are 6m and 12m.

All AMS mast segments are connected through two tie rods on each corner and up to the M20/26 all sections fit into a standard container.

Besides the extensive program of masts, of course appropriate enhancements are available, e.g. foundation anchors suitable to the dimensions of the edges of the mast, foundation crosses, undercarriages or portals. Bogies for the undercarriages are available for each type. Furthermore internal climbing units or external climbing cages are available. The designs of the upper cranes allow that the trolley respectively the luffing jib can position the mast section to be inserted by its own.