Depending on the hoist our AK150 is divided into a 6 and 8 ton version.

The cabin

The heart of the crane is the control station and the electronics - both inside a luxurious cabin as standard at AMS tower cranes. The operator takes place inside an optional fully air-conditioned dual Cabin with integrated but internally separated control house. Inside the generous panorama cabin, the operator will sit on an ergonomic control seat with modern control elements. A touch screen is used for the display of the important crane functions as well as for the adjustment of the crane parameters and electronically safety devices. During operation the current position of the trolley, the height of the hook block, turning angle and load are shown permanently. Further the load reserve can be seen.

tower heights in comparison

Jib (m)FAS 16UCS 16FAM 14.6FCM 15/ 14

Technical information


Diameter hoist rope:14,0 mm
Length hoist rope:230m
Drum capacity hoist rope:300 m (optional 435 m )

30 kW Hoist | 6t

m [t]0,41234,56
v [m/min]917065463522

37 kW Hoist | 8t

m [t]0,61,534,568
v [m/min]926848413322


Power requirement:5,5 kW
Trolley speed:0-70 m/min
Diameter trolley ropes:Ø 8,0 mm
Length fwd trolley rope:122m
Length aft trolley rope:72m


Cross-section power cabel:35 mm²
Lenght power cable:50m (auf Anfrage mehr möglich)
Connected load:400V (±10%) - 50 Hz, 80kVa
Required fuse:100 A
All-current sensitive FI type B:0,5 A

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