Overview about our cranes

Each AMS tower crane is designed and produced in Germany. The construction of the crane takes place in-house, the electronics development takes place in cooperation with our partner NTK. The products are designed according to EN 14439 and tested by independent third parties. In addition to our standard program shown on the following pages, further models and linear actuators are available. In addition, AMS is able to modify or construct the crane according to customer requirements. The advantages of flexible production and a modular design make it possible to adapt the crane to every customer and every construction site.

Highlights of the cranes

  • Light weight design and high efficiency of the steel structure
  • Transport-optimized
  • High technical stability and long lasting components
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Standard 2-fall reeving for 6 ton to 20 ton
  • AK models are topless trolley cranes
  • All products can be equipped with “Lebus”-design hoist drums for high hook height
  • Drives and gears from western European production (SEW, Leroy Somer) with high performance
  • Frequency inverter technology for all drives for energy efficiency
  • Redundant safety devices
  • Wind measurement and electrical wind free mode
  • Blackbox, slipring transmitter, work area limitation, 2nd load curve
  • Optional: remote diagnostic module, air conditioning, central lubrication system

The heart of the crane is the control station and the electronics - both inside a luxurious cabin as standard at AMS tower cranes. The operator takes place inside an optional fully air-conditioned dual Cabin with integrated but internally separated control house. Inside the generous panorama cabin, the operator will sit on an ergonomic control seat with modern control elements. A touch screen is used for the display of the important crane functions as well as for the adjustment of the crane parameters and electronically safety devices. During operation the current position of the trolley, the height of the hook block, turning angle and load are shown permanently. Further the load reserve can be seen.