Crane construction with history

For more than 25 years tower cranes have been manufactured at the Arneburg factory. Until today more than 1000 luffing and jib cranes have left the production halls and have been exported worldwide.

In 2003, the family-run AMS Group took over the site and the crane-experienced employees of the former Potain and BKT crane production on the adjacent property. This also laid the foundation for the development of our own cranes. Since 2015, AMS Kranbau GmbH has been offering its own series of 14 flat-top cranes, which can be flexibly designed with jib lengths of 55 to 80 m and maximum payloads of 6 to 20 t.

Each AMS tower crane (AK) is designed and produced in Germany. The cranes are designed in-house. Only the electronics development takes place in cooperation with the company NTK Ingenieurbüro GmbH.

In addition, our flexible production and modular design of the cranes enables us to adapt the crane to every customer and every construction site.